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Date: Sun Jan 10 21:25:03 2016
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  Synchronize the description of the intended audience of FreeBSD-STABLE with
  that of the Handbook.
  Trim section 1.7 somewhat. In section 1.9, notet that FreeBSD-STABLE is just
  another development branch and not specifically made for ISPs.
  PR:		188031
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+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Sun Jan 10 21:25:03 2016	(r47989)
@@ -346,16 +346,6 @@
 	    is the latest release from the &rel2.stable; branch; it
 	    was released in &;.</para>
-	  <para>Briefly, <emphasis>-STABLE</emphasis> is aimed at the
-	    ISP, corporate user, or any user who wants stability and a
-	    minimal number of changes compared to the new (and
-	    possibly unstable) features of the latest
-	    <emphasis>-CURRENT</emphasis> snapshot.  Releases can come
-	    from either branch, but <emphasis>-CURRENT</emphasis>
-	    is meant for users who are prepared for its increased
-	    volatility, relative to
-	    <emphasis>-STABLE</emphasis>.</para>
 	  <para>Releases are made <link linkend="release-freq">every
 	      few months</link>.  While many people stay more
 	    up-to-date with the &os; sources (see the questions on
@@ -435,8 +425,7 @@
 	    <emphasis>-CURRENT</emphasis> snapshot can be considered
 	    <quote>production quality</quote> for any purpose.
 	    If a stable and fully tested system is needed,
-	    stick to full releases or use the
-	    <emphasis>-STABLE</emphasis> snapshots.</para>
+	    stick to full releases.</para>
 	  <para>Snapshot releases are directly available from <link
@@ -458,11 +447,16 @@
 	    one <link
-	    <emphasis>&os;-STABLE</emphasis> is intended for Internet
-	    Service Providers and other commercial enterprises for
-	    whom sudden shifts or experimental features are quite
-	    undesirable.  It receives only well-tested bug fixes and
-	    other small incremental enhancements.
+	    <emphasis>&os;-STABLE</emphasis> is the development branch
+	    from which major releases are made.  Changes go into this
+	    branch at a slower pace and with the general assumption
+	    that they have first been tested in &os;-CURRENT.
+	    However, at any given time, the sources for &os;-STABLE
+	    may or may not be suitable for general use, as it may
+	    uncover bugs and corner cases that were not yet found in
+	    &os;-CURRENT.  Users who do not have the resources to
+	    perform testing should instead run the most recent release
+	    of &os;.
 	    <emphasis>&os;-CURRENT</emphasis>, on the other hand, has
 	    been one unbroken line since 2.0 was released, leading
 	    towards &rel.current;-RELEASE and beyond.  For more

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