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Date: Fri Oct  2 13:52:29 2015
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  Improve wording for r47478 change
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@@ -3460,12 +3460,12 @@ ULE</screen>
 	  <para>&os; 10.1 and earlier executes a memory test early
-	    in the boot process.  This test takes several seconds
-	    if the system has a small amount of memory.  On systems
-	    with 10s or 100s of gigabytes of memory it can take
-	    a few minutes or more.  This test can
-	    be disabled by setting <literal>hw.memtest.tests</literal>
-	    to <literal>0</literal> in
+	    in the boot process.
+	    When the system has a small amount of memory, the test
+	    takes a few seconds.  Computers with tens or hundreds of
+	    gigabytes of memory can take several minutes to complete
+	    the test.  The memory test can be disabled by adding
+	    <literal>hw.memtest.tests=0</literal> to
 	  <para>For more details, see &man.loader.conf.5;.</para>

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