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Date: Tue May 12 14:24:05 2015
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  Reword the section about pkg backups to reflect that they are enabled by default now.


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@@ -854,34 +854,38 @@ Deinstalling ca_root_nss-3.15.1_1... don
     <sect2 xml:id="pkgng-backup">
-      <title>Backing Up the Package Database</title>
+      <title>Restoring the Package Database</title>
       <para>Unlike the traditional package management system,
 	<application>pkg</application> includes its own package
-	database backup mechanism.  To manually back up the contents
-	of the package database, run the following command, replacing
-	<replaceable>pkgng.db</replaceable> with a suitable file
-	name:</para>
-      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg backup -d <replaceable>pkgng.db</replaceable></userinput></screen>
-      <para>Additionally, <application>pkg</application> includes
-	a &man.periodic.8; script to automatically perform a daily
-	back up of the package database.  This functionality is
-	enabled if <literal>daily_backup_pkgdb_enable</literal> is
-	set to <literal>YES</literal> in &man.periodic.conf.5;.</para>
+	database backup mechanism.  This functionality is enabled by
+	default.</para>
 	<para>To disable the periodic script from backing up the
 	  package database, set
-	  <literal>daily_backup_pkgdb_enable</literal> to
-	  <literal>NO</literal> in &man.periodic.conf.5;.</para>
+	  <literal>daily_backup_pkgdb_enable="NO"</literal> in
+	  &man.periodic.conf.5;.</para>
       <para>To restore the contents of a previous package database
-	backup, run:</para>
+	backup, run the following command replacing
+	<replaceable>/path/to/pkg.sql</replaceable> with the location of
+	the backup:</para>
-      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg backup -r <replaceable>/path/to/pkgng.db</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg backup -r <replaceable>/path/to/pkg.sql</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+      <note>
+	<para>If restoring a backup taken by the periodic script,
+	  it must be decompressed prior to be restored.</para>
+      </note>
+      <para>To run a manual backup of the
+	<application>pkg</application> database, run the following
+	command, replacing <replaceable>/path/to/pkg.sql</replaceable>
+	with a suitable file name and location:</para>
+      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg backup -d <replaceable>/path/to/pkg.sql</replaceable></userinput></screen>
     <sect2 xml:id="pkgng-clean">

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