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Author: brd
Date: Thu May  7 16:09:31 2015
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  Improve the 'How often should I mirror' section: metion locking, remove some usage of 'you' and make more gender neutral.


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    <sect2 xml:id="mirror-how-often">
      <title>How often should I mirror?</title>
-       Every mirror should be updated on a regular
-       basis. You will certainly need some script
-       framework for it that will be called by
-       &man.cron.8;. Since nearly every admin
-       does this his own way, we cannot give
-       specific instructions. It could work
-       like this:
+       Every mirror should be updated at a minimum of once per day.
+       Certainly a script with locking to prevent multiple runs
+       happening at the same time will be needed to run from
+       &man.cron.8;. Since nearly every admin does this in their own
+       way, specific instructions cannot be provided.  It could work
+       something like this:

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