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Author: brd
Date: Thu May  7 14:48:35 2015
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  Add small section explaining we are not allowing public mirrors of packages and possible workarounds.
  Reviewed by:	decke


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       <screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>rsync -vaHz --delete rsync:// /usr/local/www/</userinput>
+   <sect2 xml:id="mirror-pkgs">
+     <title>Mirroring Packages</title>
+     <para>Due to very high requirements of bandwidth, storage and
+       adminstration the &os; Project has decided not to allow public
+       mirrors of packages.  For sites with lots of machines, it might
+       be advantagous to run a caching HTTP proxy for the &man.pkg.8;
+       process.  Alternatively specific packages and their dependencies
+       can be fetched by running something like the following:</para>
+     <screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>pkg fetch -d -o <replaceable>/usr/local/mirror</replaceable> <replaceable>vim</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+     <para>Once those packages have been fetched, the repository metadata must be generated by running:</para>
+     <screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>pkg repo <replaceable>/usr/local/mirror</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+     <para>Once the packages have been fetched and the metadata for the
+       repository has been generated, serve the packages up to the
+       client machines via HTTP.  For additional information see the
+       man pages for &man.pkg.8;, specifically the pkg-repo(8) page.
+     </para>
+   </sect2>
    <sect2 xml:id="mirror-how-often">
      <title>How often should I mirror?</title>

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