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Jason Helfman jgh at
Thu Mar 26 02:17:22 UTC 2015

Author: jgh
Date: Thu Mar 26 02:17:21 2015
New Revision: 46381

  - add reporting instructions to security page for ports collection issues
  PR:		197312 (based on)
  Differential Revision:
  Submitted by:	rsimmons0 at
  Reviewed by:	bjk, wblock
  Approved by:	wblock (mentor)


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/security/reporting.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/security/reporting.xml	Wed Mar 25 19:04:20 2015	(r46380)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/security/reporting.xml	Thu Mar 26 02:17:21 2015	(r46381)
@@ -27,13 +27,20 @@
       <a name="how"></a>
       <h2>How and where to report a FreeBSD security issue</h2>
-      <p>All FreeBSD security issues should be reported to the <a
+      <p>FreeBSD security issues specific to the Operating System
+	should be reported to the <a
 	  href="mailto:secteam at">FreeBSD Security Team</a>
 	or, if a higher level of confidentiality is required, PGP
 	encrypted to the <a
           href="mailto:security-officer at">Security Officer
 	  Team</a> using the <a href="so_public_key.asc">Security
-	  Officer PGP key</a>.  All reports should at least contain:</p>
+	  Officer PGP key</a>.</p>
+      <p>FreeBSD security issues specific to the Ports Collection should
+	be reported to the <a href="mailto:ports-secteam at">
+	  FreeBSD Ports Security Team</a>.</p>
+      <p>All reports should contain at least:</p>
 	<li>A description of the vulnerability.</li>

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