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 	<link linkend="zfs-term-resilver">resilver</link> operation,
 	the pool can grow to use the capacity of the new device.  For
 	example, consider a mirror of a 1 TB drive and a
-	2 drive.  The usable space is 1 TB.  Then the
-	1 TB is replaced with another 2 TB drive, and the
-	resilvering process duplicates existing data.  Because
+	2 TB drive.  The usable space is 1 TB.  When the
+	1 TB drive is replaced with another 2 TB drive, the
+	resilvering process copies the existing data onto the new
+	drive.  Because
 	both of the devices now have 2 TB capacity, the mirror's
 	available space can be grown to 2 TB.</para>

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