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@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@ errors: No known data errors</screen>
 	as for <acronym>RAID-Z</acronym>, an alternative method is to
 	add another vdev to the pool.  Additional vdevs provide higher
 	performance, distributing writes across the vdevs.  Each vdev
-	is reponsible for providing its own redundancy.  It is
+	is responsible for providing its own redundancy.  It is
 	possible, but discouraged, to mix vdev types, like
 	<literal>mirror</literal> and <literal>RAID-Z</literal>.
 	Adding a non-redundant vdev to a pool containing mirror or
@@ -1909,7 +1909,7 @@ tank    custom:costcenter  -            
 	Without snapshots, a backup would have copies of the files
 	from different points in time.</para>
-      <para>Snapshots in <acronym>ZFS</acronym>provide a variety of
+      <para>Snapshots in <acronym>ZFS</acronym> provide a variety of
 	features that even other file systems with snapshot
 	functionality lack.  A typical example of snapshot use is to
 	have a quick way of backing up the current state of the file
@@ -3148,7 +3148,7 @@ dedup = 1.05, compress = 1.11, copies = 
 	    enabled and <literal>1</literal> is disabled.  The default
 	    is <literal>0</literal>, unless the system has less than
 	    4 GB of <acronym>RAM</acronym>.  Prefetch works by
-	    reading larged blocks than were requested into the
+	    reading larger blocks than were requested into the
 	    <link linkend="zfs-term-arc"><acronym>ARC</acronym></link>
 	    in hopes that the data will be needed soon.  If the
 	    workload has a large number of random reads, disabling
@@ -3247,7 +3247,7 @@ dedup = 1.05, compress = 1.11, copies = 
 	    This value controls the limit on the total
 	    <acronym>IOPS</acronym> (I/Os Per Second) generated by the
 	    <command>scrub</command>.  The granularity of the setting
-	    is deterined by the value of <varname>kern.hz</varname>
+	    is determined by the value of <varname>kern.hz</varname>
 	    which defaults to 1000 ticks per second.  This setting may
 	    be changed, resulting in a different effective
 	    <acronym>IOPS</acronym> limit.  The default value is
@@ -4249,7 +4249,7 @@ vfs.zfs.vdev.cache.size="5M"</programlis
 	      10 GB of space is reserved for this dataset.  In
 	      contrast to a regular
 	      <link linkend="zfs-term-reservation">reservation</link>,
-	      space used by snapshots and decendant datasets is not
+	      space used by snapshots and descendant datasets is not
 	      counted against the reservation.  For example, if a
 	      snapshot is taken of
 	      <filename>storage/home/bob</filename>, enough disk space

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