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  Fix typos in the 'who uses FreeBSD page'
  Add voxer to the list of those who use FreeBSD
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@@ -558,7 +558,7 @@
 	    </indexterm> - The OpenConnect appliance that Netflix
 	    uses to stream movies to its customers is based on &os;.
-	    Netflix has make extensive contributions to the codebase
+	    Netflix has made extensive contributions to the codebase
 	    and works to maintain a zero delta from mainline &os;.
 	    Netflix OpenConnect appliances are responsible for
 	    delivering more than 32% of all Internet traffic in North
@@ -634,6 +634,21 @@
+	      xlink:href="">Voxer</link>
+	    <indexterm>
+	      <primary>Voxer</primary>
+	    </indexterm> - Voxer powers their mobile voice messaging
+	    platform with ZFS on &os;.  Voxer switched from a Solaris
+	    derivative to &os; because of its superior documentation,
+	    larger and more active community, and more developer
+	    friendly environment.  In addition to critical features
+	    like <acronym>ZFS</acronym> and DTrace, &os; also offers
+	    TRIM support for <acronym>ZFS</acronym>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><link
@@ -847,7 +862,7 @@
       <para>and many more.  Wikipedia also maintains a <link
-	  of products based on &os;</link></para>
+	  of products based on &os;</link>.</para>

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