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Wed Sep 17 08:38:33 UTC 2014

Author: mat (ports committer)
Date: Wed Sep 17 08:38:32 2014
New Revision: 45629

  Update the USE_AUTOTOOLS/USE_GNOME as of r368357 of the ports tree.
  Sponsored by:	Absolight


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/special/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/special/chapter.xml	Tue Sep 16 22:17:03 2014	(r45628)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/special/chapter.xml	Wed Sep 17 08:38:32 2014	(r45629)
@@ -783,9 +783,8 @@ CMAKE_SOURCE_PATH=	${WRKSRC}/subp
       <para>At the time of writing, <replaceable>tool</replaceable>
 	can be one of <literal>autoconf</literal>,
 	<literal>autoheader</literal>, <literal>automake</literal>,
-	<literal>aclocal</literal>, <literal>libtool</literal>
-	(deprecated), <literal>libtoolize</literal>,
-	<literal>libltdl</literal>.  It can also be one the older
+	<literal>aclocal</literal>, <literal>libtoolize</literal>.
+	It can also be one the older
 	legacy of <literal>autoconf213</literal>,
@@ -803,12 +802,11 @@ CMAKE_SOURCE_PATH=	${WRKSRC}/subp
     <sect2 xml:id="using-libtool">
-      <title><command>libtool</command></title>
+      <title><command>libtool</command> and <command>libtoolize</command></title>
-      <para>The use of <literal>USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool</literal> is
-	deprecated.  Now all ports that ship with their own copy of
-	libtool (search for a file named need to have
-	<literal>USES=libtool</literal>.  Also, if a port has
+      <para>Ports shipping with their own copy of libtool (search for
+	a file named need to have
+	<literal>USES=libtool</literal>.  If a port has
 	<literal>USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtoolize</literal> it probably also
 	needs <literal>USES=libtool</literal>.  See the <link
 	  linkend="uses-libtool">USES=libtool</link> section in <xref
@@ -817,24 +815,17 @@ CMAKE_SOURCE_PATH=	${WRKSRC}/subp
     <sect2 xml:id="using-libltdl">
-      <title><command>libltdl</command></title>
+      <title><filename></filename></title>
-      <para>Some ports make use of the <command>libltdl</command>
+      <para>Some ports make use of the <filename></filename>
 	library package, which is part of the
 	<command>libtool</command> suite.  Use of this library does
 	not automatically necessitate the use of
-	<command>libtool</command> itself, so a separate construct
-	is provided.</para>
+	<command>libtool</command> itself.  If the port needs
+	<filename></filename>, add a dependency on
+	it:</para>
-      <programlisting>USE_AUTOTOOLS=	libltdl</programlisting>
-      <para>Currently, all this does is to bring in a
-	<varname>LIB_DEPENDS</varname> on the appropriate
-	<command>libltdl</command> port, and is provided as a
-	convenience function to help eliminate any dependencies on
-	the autotools ports outside of the
-	<varname>USE_AUTOTOOLS</varname> framework.  There are no
-	optional operations for this tool.</para>
+      <programlisting>LIB_DEPENDS=${PORTSDIR}/devel/libltdl</programlisting>
     <sect2 xml:id="using-autoconf">

Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/gnome/docs/porting.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/gnome/docs/porting.xml	Tue Sep 16 22:17:03 2014	(r45628)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/gnome/docs/porting.xml	Wed Sep 17 08:38:32 2014	(r45629)
@@ -332,13 +332,7 @@ GCONF_SCHEMAS=	CDDB-Slave2.schemas gnome
 	    They also use the GNU configure system.   If your port installs
 	    shared libraries, and includes an <tt></tt> script
 	    in its <tt>${WRKSRC}</tt> directory, you should add
-	    <tt>USE_AUTOTOOLS="libtool":15</tt> to your port's Makefile.
-	    However, if your port uses custom <tt>LIBTOOLFLAGS</tt>, you
-	    must use <tt>USE_AUTOTOOLS="libtool":13:inc</tt> instead. If you have
-	    to use <tt>libtool:X:inc</tt>, you must also add
-	    <tt>lthack</tt> to <tt>USE_GNOME</tt>.  In general, though,
-	    <tt>lthack</tt> is deprecated, and should only be used if
-	    absolutely necessary.</p>
+	    <tt>USES=libtool</tt> to your port's Makefile.</p>
 <!-- End GNOME libtool -->
 <!-- Begin GNOME distfiles -->

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