svn commit: r45556 - head/share/xml

Allan Jude allanjude at
Sat Sep 6 19:46:58 UTC 2014

Author: allanjude
Date: Sat Sep  6 19:46:57 2014
New Revision: 45556

  Update commercial consultant list enter for Venture37
  PR:		191407
  Submitted by:	Sevan Janiyan (original)
  Approved by:	bcr


Modified: head/share/xml/commercial.consult.xml
--- head/share/xml/commercial.consult.xml	Sat Sep  6 18:25:48 2014	(r45555)
+++ head/share/xml/commercial.consult.xml	Sat Sep  6 19:46:57 2014	(r45556)
@@ -2204,16 +2204,14 @@
   <entry id="venture37" category="europe">
-    <name>Venture 37</name>
+    <name>Venture 37 Ltd.</name>
-      Our company provides Mail, Web and DNS hosting solutions based on
-      OpenBSD & FreeBSD as well as Technical Support and Management
-      (on site or remote) for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and
-      BSD-like operating systems.  We also provide services such as
-      connectivity & colocation in datacentres at Brighton and
-      London.  Check out our <a href="">
-	web site</a> or contact us at <a
+      We provide consultancy and support for Mail, Web, and DNS
+      services served on FreeBSD or other open source UNIX-like
+      operating systems.  Visit our
+      <a href="" shape="rect">web site</a>
+      or contact us at <a
 	href="mailto:info at">info at</a>.

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