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Author: gavin
Date: Thu Sep  4 23:43:12 2014
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  Update the i386 platform page to closer reflect the early 21st century.
  Gently push people towards the amd64 platform, especially for machines
  with >4GiB RAM.  Drop one dead link, and one link to a very outdated page.


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   <h3><a name="intro">Introduction</a></h3>
   <p>This page contains information about the FreeBSD/i386 platform.
-    This architecture supports the largest variety of CPUs since
-    most home users purchase these machines.  If you have a machine
-    from any large PC company (such as Dell™, HP, or eMachines®)
-    chances are that you have either an AMD™ or Intel® CPU and thus
-    fall into this category.</p>
-  <h3><a name="toc">Table Of Contents</a></h3>
-  <ul>
-    <li><a href="#news">Latest News</a></li>
-    <li><a href="#links">Points of Interest</a></li>
-  </ul>
-  <h3><a name="news">Latest News</a></h3>
-  <ul>
-    <li><p>FreeBSD 6.0 and newer no longer supports the original
-      Intel 80386 CPU; these computers are over seven years
-      old and are only supported by FreeBSD 5.X and earlier.  Note that the
-      GENERIC kernel only supports 80386 CPUs in FreeBSD 4.X and earlier.
-      </p></li>
-  </ul>
-  <h3><a name="links">Points of Interest</a></h3>
-  <ul>
-    <li><a href="">
-      FreeBSD Laptop compatibility list</a></li>
-    <li><a href="&base;/projects/acpi/index.html">
-      ACPI Project page</a></li>
-  </ul>
+    FreeBSD/i386 should support any CPU compatible with the Intel™
+    80486 or better in 32-bit mode, although almost every recent AMD™
+    and Intel™ CPU will also be capable of running in 64-bit mode
+    using the <a href="&base;/platforms/amd64.html">FreeBSD/amd64</a>
+    port.</p>
+  <p>FreeBSD/i386 supports up to 4GiB of RAM by default.  Machines
+    with more RAM will either need to run
+    <a href="&base;/platforms/amd64.html">FreeBSD/amd64</a> or run with
+    <a href="&base;/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/hardware.html#memory-i386-over-4gb">
+      Physical Address Extension (PAE)</a> enabled in order to make use of
+    any memory above the 4GiB boundary.</p>
+  <h3>Status</h3>
+  <p>FreeBSD/i386 runs in 32-bit multiuser mode, in both
+    Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor mode.</p>
+  <p>The i386 platform is a <a
+      href="&base;/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/archs.html">Tier
+      1</a> FreeBSD platform.</p>

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