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 	The &os; Foundation
+  <project cat='misc'>
+    <title>The &os; Foundation</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>
+	  <given>Deb</given>
+	  <common>Goodkin</common>
+	</name>
+	<email>deb at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <links>
+      <url href=""/>
+      <url href="">&os; Journal</url>
+    </links>
+    <body>
+      <p>The &os; Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
+	dedicated to supporting and promoting the &os; Project
+	and community worldwide.  Most of the funding is used to
+	support &os; development projects, conferences, and developer
+	summits, purchase equipment to grow and improve the &os;
+	infrastructure, and provide legal support for the Project.</p>
+      <p>We published our fourth issue of the FreeBSD Journal.  We
+	have over 4500 subscriptions to date.  Work continued on
+	adding support for the Dynamic Edition and will be available
+	soon.  The fifth issue is due out soon.</p>
+      <p>Foundation staff member Konstantin Belousov wrapped up the
+	PostgreSQL performance investigation project.  Kostik reran
+	the benchmarks as a configuration error may have affected
+	earlier results.  Improvements arising from the investigation
+	are merged to the &os; 10 development branch and will be in
+	the 10.1 release.  Kostik also committed a variety of virtual
+	memory and file system bug fixes and improvements.</p>
+      <p>Over the quarter, Foundation staff member Edward Napiera?a
+	refined the new autofs-based automounter and incorporated
+	feedback from testers in enterprise and university contexts.
+	The automounter is available in the development branch of
+	FreeBSD and will be included in FreeBSD 10.1.  Edward also
+	supported engineers at Chelsio in preparing iSCSI offload
+	support for Chelsio's 10- and 40-gigabit per second Ethernet
+	adapters.</p>
+      <p>Ed Maste, our project manager, tested and integrated UEFI
+	system boot and new vt(4) console work into the release branch
+	for the upcoming FreeBSD 10.1 release.  He committed a number
+	of small toolchain and build infrastructure improvements.  He
+	also wrote an article on LLDB for the FreeBSD Journal and
+	presented the LLDB work at EuroBSDCon.</p>
+      <p>&os; Foundation Systems Administrator and Release Engineer
+	Glen Barber continued work on finalizing the 9.3-RELEASE
+	process, followed by starting the 10.1-RELEASE process.</p>
+      <p>Work has continued on producing regularly-updated &os;
+	development snapshot builds for the various supported
+	architectures, which include amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc,
+	powerpc64, sparc64, and arm.</p>
+      <p>In addition, work has been committed to a project branch
+	which allows &os; virtual machine disk images to be produced
+	by default as part of the release process.</p>
+      <p>Put a plan together for the upcoming Secure Boot work.</p>
+      <p>Purchased more hardware to support &os; infrastructure at NYI
+	and Sentex.</p>
+      <p>Announced a collaboration between Foundation and Cavium to
+	deliver a &os; ARMv8 based implementation.</p>
+      <p>Signed a license agreement with Oracle to get access to the
+	TCKs for Java 7 and 8.</p>
+      <p>Robert Watson ran and organized the Cambridge Developer
+	Summit.  We provided a travel grant to a Google Summer of Code
+	student to attend the summit.</p>
+      <p>Provided a travel grant to a developer who organized and ran
+	BSDDay in Argentina.</p>
+      <p>We were a Gold Sponsor for EuroBSDCon 2014 and sponsored the
+	Developer Summit.  We provided 4 travel grants to assist &os;
+	contributors with their travel expenses to attend the
+	conference.  We also had 6 board/staff members attend the
+	conference and some gave talks, tutorials, and chaired some
+	sessions.  We held our Fall Fundraising campaign there and
+	raised over $2,000 in donations from attendees.</p>
+      <p>Organized the Silicon Valley Vendor/Developer Summit that is
+	happening November 3 and 4.</p>
+      <p>Kirk McKusick, Robert Watson, and George Neville-Neil
+	published the second edition of "The Design and Implementation
+	of the FreeBSD Operating System."</p>
+      <p>Kirk McKusick presented a 2-day tutorial on the &os; kernel
+	and gave a talk on implementation of ZFS at EuroBSDCon.</p>
+      <p>Dru Lavigne attended Fossetcon: September 11-13
+	(</p>
+      <p>We created new recruiting fliers for upcoming events,
+	including the Grace Hopper conference.</p>
+      <p>Started sending out Foundation monthly update emails to keep
+	the &os; community informed on some of the activities we did
+	the previous month to support &os;.</p>
+    </body>
+  </project>

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