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Author: gavin
Date: Thu Oct  9 18:04:06 2014
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  Add "Parole de Tux : Tux et FreeBSD", an episode of a popular podcast
  dedicated to FreeBSD
  Submitted by:	dumbbell


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@@ -40,6 +40,23 @@
+	<name>Parole de Tux : Tux et &os; [french]</name>
+	<url></url>
+	<site-name>Captain Posix</site-name>
+	<site-url></site-url>
+	<date>24 September 2014</date>
+	<author>Captain Posix</author>
+	<p>"Parole de Tux" is a Belgian monthly podcast which talks about
+	  news and technical topics regarding Free and Open Source
+	  Software.  For the first time, this episode is dedicated to
+	  &os;.  The guest, a &os; developer, sums up the history of the
+	  BSDs and their differences.  He then briefly explains similarities
+	  and differences between a typical Linux distribution and &os;
+	  before moving on to the main topic: the graphics stack, and how
+	  &os; performs in this area.</p>
+      </story>
+      <story>
 	<name>Atlantic.Net Announces SSD-based &os; VPS

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