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 Compiling status reports - best practices
+0) Timeline (relative to submission deadline)
+-1 month  First call for reports
+-2 weeks  Reminder
+-1 week   Reminder, and follow up with teams and individuals we expect to
+          submit reports
+deadline  Follow up on missing reports
+          Continue editing individual reports
+          Continue adding new (late) reports as they arrive
++1 week   Edit overall report and write introduction
++10 days  Publish report
 1) Call for reports
   - Are usually sent to freebsd-hackers@ CC freebsd-current@ as the lists
     with the most usual suspects for submitting reports.  Forward to

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 	goals and direction as well as managing specific areas of the
 	&os; project landscape.</p>
-      <p>The third quarter of this year was a relatively quiet time in
-	terms of Core Team activity.  One issue stands out as
-	absorbing a great deal of Core's attention during the period:
-	Kip Macy's request to restore his commit bit.  Eventually, and
-	after a great deal of internal discussion, the request was
-	declined.</p>
-      <p>Other items dealt with by core during this period:</p>
+      <p>Notable items dealt with by core during this period:</p>
 	<li>Confirmed that DCTCP, although patented by Microsoft, was

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