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Date: Fri Oct  3 17:05:29 2014
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  Document BUNDLE_LIBS.
  Differential Revision:
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       <para>Only use bundled libraries if the upstream has a
 	good track record on security and using unbundled versions
 	leads to overly complex patches.</para>
+      <note>
+	<para>In some very special cases, for example emulators, like
+	  <application>Wine</application>, a port has to bundle
+	  libraries, because they are in a different architecture, or
+	  they have been modified to fit the software's use.  In that
+	  case, those libraries should not be exposed to other ports
+	  for linking.  Add <literal>BUNDLE_LIBS=yes</literal> to the
+	  port's <filename>Makefile</filename>.  This will tell
+	  &man.pkg.8; to not compute provided libraries.  Always ask
+	  the &a.portmgr; before adding this to a port.</para>
+      </note>

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