svn commit: r45999 - head/share/xml

Glen Barber gjb at
Wed Nov 19 02:28:25 UTC 2014

Author: gjb
Date: Wed Nov 19 02:28:24 2014
New Revision: 45999

  Consistently use '' in URLs (instead of its lower-case
  Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation


Modified: head/share/xml/libcommon.xsl
--- head/share/xml/libcommon.xsl	Wed Nov 19 02:25:47 2014	(r45998)
+++ head/share/xml/libcommon.xsl	Wed Nov 19 02:28:24 2014	(r45999)
@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@
       the latest developments can be a chore!  To keep on top of things,
       be sure and check this page periodically.  Also, you may wish to
       subscribe to the
-      <a href="">freebsd-announce
+      <a href="">freebsd-announce
 	mailing list</a> or the <a href="rss.xml">RSS feed</a>.</p>
     <p>The following projects have their own news pages, which should

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