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Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Fri Nov 7 23:55:55 UTC 2014

Author: gavin
Date: Fri Nov  7 23:55:55 2014
New Revision: 45952

  BSDCan tracks have not yet been announced, don't pre-empt any announcement
  and possibly give out false information.


Modified: head/share/xml/events2015.xml
--- head/share/xml/events2015.xml	Fri Nov  7 22:06:52 2014	(r45951)
+++ head/share/xml/events2015.xml	Fri Nov  7 23:55:55 2014	(r45952)
@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@
       technologies, research projects, and works in progress.  It
       also features Userland infrastructure projects and invites
       contributions from both free software developers and those
-      from commercial vendors.  Features tracks on System
-      Administration, Security, Hacking and Embedded.  Followed
+      from commercial vendors.  
+      BSDCan is followed
       immediately by PGCon at the same location.</description>

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