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  After the removal of the CVS article in r44940, this link to it also became
  obsolete. Remove it from the list.


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       How to use newer versions of the GCC compilers and binutils from
       the &os; ports tree.  Custom GCC are also discussed.</p>
-    <p><a href="&url.articles;/cvs-freebsd/index.html">Setting up a
-	CVS repository - The FreeBSD way</a> (cvs-freebsd)<br/>
-      How to set up a CVS repository that uses the same CVSROOT
-      infrastructure as the FreeBSD project.</p>
     <p><a href="&url.articles;/explaining-bsd/index.html">Explaining
 	BSD</a> (explaining-bsd)<br/>
       An answer to the question ``What is BSD?''</p>

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