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  Add images for boot loader and boot options menus.
  Describe these menus.
  The rest of this section needs to be reviewed for the boot probe and initial
  installer menu, will be in next commit.
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@@ -778,13 +778,13 @@ Ethernet address 0:3:ba:b:92:d4, Host ID
 	    <para>Once the system boots from the installation media,
 	      a menu similar to the following will be displayed:</para>
-	    <figure xml:id="bsdinstall-boot-loader-menu">
+	    <figure xml:id="bsdinstall-newboot-loader-menu">
 	      <title>&os; Boot Loader Menu</title>
-		    fileref="bsdinstall/bsdinstall-boot-loader-menu"/>
+		    fileref="bsdinstall/bsdinstall-newboot-loader-menu"/>
@@ -792,8 +792,106 @@ Ethernet address 0:3:ba:b:92:d4, Host ID
       <para>By default, the menu will wait ten seconds for user
 	input before booting into the &os; installer or, if &os; is
 	already installed, before booting into &os;.  To pause the
-	boot timer, press <keycap>Space</keycap>.</para>
+	boot timer in order to review the selections, press
+	<keycap>Space</keycap>.  To select an option, press its
+	highlighted number, character, or key.  The following options
+	are available.</para>
+      <itemizedlist>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Boot Multi User</literal>: This will
+	    continue the &os; boot process.  If the boot timer has
+	    been paused, press <keycap>1</keycap>, upper- or
+	    lower-case <keycap>B</keycap>, or
+	    <keycap>Enter</keycap>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Boot Single User</literal>: This mode can be
+	    used to fix an existing &os; installation as described in
+	    <xref linkend="boot-singleuser"/>.  Press
+	    <keycap>2</keycap> or the upper- or lower-case
+	    <keycap>S</keycap> to enter this mode.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Escape to loader prompt</literal>: This will
+	    boot the system into a repair prompt that contains a
+	    limited number of low-level commands.  This prompt is
+	    described in <xref linkend="boot-loader"/>.  Press
+	    <keycap>3</keycap> or <keycap>Esc</keycap> to boot into
+	    this prompt.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Reboot</literal>: Reboots the system.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Configure Boot Options</literal>: Opens the
+	    menu shown in, and described under, <xref
+	      linkend="bsdinstall-boot-options-menu"/>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+      </itemizedlist> 
+	    <figure xml:id="bsdinstall-boot-options-menu">
+	      <title>&os; Boot Options Menu</title>
+	      <mediaobject>
+		<imageobject>
+		  <imagedata
+		    fileref="bsdinstall/bsdinstall-boot-options-menu"/>
+		</imageobject>
+	      </mediaobject>
+	    </figure>
+      <para>The boot options menu is divided into two sections.  The
+	first section can be used to either return to the main boot
+	menu or to reset any toggled options back to their
+	defaults.</para>
+      <para>The next section is used to toggle the available options
+	to <literal>On</literal> or <literal>Off</literal> by pressing
+	the option's highlighted number or character.  The system will
+	always boot using the settings for these options until they
+	are modified.  Several options can be toggled using this
+	menu:</para>
+      <itemizedlist>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>ACPI Support</literal>: If the system hangs
+	    during boot, try toggling this option to
+	    <literal>Off</literal>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Safe Mode</literal>: If the system still
+	    hangs during boot even with <literal>ACPI
+	      Support</literal> set to <literal>Off</literal>, try
+	    setting this option to <literal>On</literal>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Single User</literal>: Toggle this option to
+	    <literal>On</literal> to fix an existing &os; installation
+	    as described in <xref linkend="boot-singleuser"/>.  Once
+	    the problem is fixed, set it back to
+	    <literal>Off</literal>.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><literal>Verbose</literal>: Toggle this option to
+	    <literal>On</literal> to see more detailed messages during
+	    the boot process. This can be useful when troubleshooting
+	    a piece of hardware.</para>
+	</listitem>
+      </itemizedlist> 
+      <para>After making the needed selections, press
+	<keycap>1</keycap> or <keycap>Backspace</keycap> to return to
+	 the main boot menu, then press <keycap>Enter</keycap> to
+	 continue booting into &os;.</para>
       <para>The last few hundred lines that have been displayed on
 	screen are stored and can be reviewed.</para>

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