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Mathieu Arnold mat at
Sun May 11 15:45:44 UTC 2014

+--On 11 mai 2014 15:21:55 +0000 Rene Ladan <rene at> wrote:
| Author: rene
| Date: Sun May 11 15:21:54 2014
| New Revision: 44808
| URL:
| Log:
|   Remove a section on WITH_ and WITHOUT_ knobs.  The text referred
|   to ^/KNOBS in the Ports repository which has been removed for a while.
|   The options framework should be used instead.

Removing all this is *wrong*.

While I agree that the KNOBS file is gone and the link should not be there
any more, things, like WITH_OPENSSL_BASE/PORT should stay there, or at
least, stay somewhere.

Mathieu Arnold

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