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Sun May 4 19:59:39 UTC 2014

Author: bcr
Date: Sun May  4 19:59:38 2014
New Revision: 44756

  Add a section on how to search for ports using pkg search.
  I've updated the submitted patch slightly by wrapping the version numbers
  of the resulting ports in the example in <replaceable>s so that people
  know that they might have a different output as time goes by.
  I also rephrased a paragraph so that it does not start with a <command> tag.
  PR:		187351
  Submitted by:	Allan Jude


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports/chapter.xml	Sun May  4 19:29:54 2014	(r44755)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports/chapter.xml	Sun May  4 19:59:38 2014	(r44756)
@@ -202,7 +202,9 @@
 	for security issues related to the application or install
 	<package>ports-mgmt/portaudit</package>.  Once installed, type
 	<command>portaudit -F -a</command> to check all installed
-	applications for known vulnerabilities.</para>
+	applications for known vulnerabilities.  If you are using
+	<application>pkg</application>, the audit functionality is
+	built in.  Simply run: <command>pkg audit -F</command>.</para>
     <para>The remainder of this chapter explains how to use packages
@@ -249,6 +251,61 @@
+	<indexterm>
+	  <primary>pkg</primary>
+	  <secondary>search</secondary>
+	</indexterm>
+	<para xml:id="pkg-search">To search the binary package
+	  repository for an application:</para>
+	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg search <replaceable>subversion</replaceable></userinput>
+	<para>Package names include the version number and in case of
+	  ports based on python, the version number of the version of
+	  python the package was built with.  Some ports also have
+	  multiple versions available.  In case of
+	  <application>subversion</application> there are different
+	  versions available, as well as different compile options.
+	  In this case, the staticly linked version of
+	  <application>subversion</application>.  When indicating
+	  which package to install, it is best to specify the
+	  application by the port origin, which is the path in the
+	  ports tree.  Repeat the <command>pkg search</command> with
+	  <option>-o</option> to list the origin of each
+	  package:</para>
+	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg search -o <replaceable>subversion</replaceable></userinput>
+	<para>Searching by shell globs, regular expressions, exact
+	  match, by description, or any other field in the repository
+	  database is also supported by <command>pkg search</command>.
+	  See &man.pkg-search.8; for more details.</para>
+      </listitem>
+      <listitem>
 	<para>If the Ports Collection is already installed, there are
 	  several methods to query the local version of the ports
 	  tree.  To find out which category a port is in, type

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