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       <primary>&os; Security Advisories</primary>
-    <para>Like many production quality operating systems, &os;
-      publishes <quote>Security Advisories</quote>.  These
-      advisories are usually mailed to the security lists and noted
-      in the Errata only after the appropriate releases have been
-      patched.  This section explains what an advisory is, how to
-      understand it, and what measures to take in order to patch a
-      system.</para>
+    <para>Like many producers of quality operating systems, the &os;
+      Project has a security team which is responsible for
+      determining the End-of-Life (<acronym>EoL</acronym>) date for each
+      &os; release and to provide security updates for supported
+      releases which have not yet reached their
+      <acronym>EoL</acronym>.  More information about the &os;
+      security team and the supported releases is available on the
+      <link xlink:href="&url.base;/security">&os; security
+	page</link>.</para>
+    <para>One task of the security team is to respond to reported
+      security vulnerabilities in the &os; operating system.  Once a
+      vulnerability is confirmed, the security team verifies the steps
+      necessary to fix the vulnerability and updates the source code
+      with the fix.  It then publishes the details as a
+      <quote>Security Advisory</quote>.  Security
+      advisories are published on the <link
+	xlink:href="&url.base;/security/advisories.html">&os; website</link>
+      and mailed to the &;,
+      &;, and &; mailing lists.</para>  
+      <para>This section describes the format of a &os;
+	security advisory.</para>
       <title>What Does an Advisory Look Like?</title>

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