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Date: Sun Mar 16 21:19:22 2014
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  Clarify explanation of top(1) output for ZFS.


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@@ -3062,9 +3062,9 @@ Swap: 2048M Total, 2048M Free
 	figures in the header relate to how many processes are
 	running, how much memory and swap space has been used, and how
 	much time the system is spending in different CPU states.  If
-	the system has been formatted with the <acronym>ZFS</acronym>
-	file system, the <literal>ARC</literal> line provides an
-	indication of how much data was read from the memory cache
+	the <acronym>ZFS</acronym>
+	file system module has been loaded, an <literal>ARC</literal> line indicates
+	how much data was read from the memory cache
 	instead of from disk.</para>
       <para>Below the header is a series of columns containing similar

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