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  Update the special considerations chapter part one.
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@@ -33,12 +33,22 @@
       (see <xref linkend="porting-prefix"/>).</para>
     <para>When a port still requires system-wide privileges in order
-      to run the <buildtarget>package</buildtarget> target, this
-      line must be added to the
+      to run the <buildtarget>stage</buildtarget> and
+      <buildtarget>package</buildtarget> targets, this line must be
+      added to the
     <programlisting>NEED_ROOT=	yes</programlisting>
+    <note>
+      <para>The vast majority of ports do not <emphasis>really
+	  need</emphasis> to be root.  You can mostly avoid it by
+	using <link
+	  linkend="uses-uidfix"><literal>USES=uidfix</literal></link>,
+	and from time to time by slightly patching the port's
+	<filename>Makefiles</filename>.</para>
+    </note>
     <para>Meta ports, or ports that do not install files themselves
       but only depend on other ports, should avoid needlessly
       extracting the &man.mtree.8; to the stage directory.  This is
@@ -125,9 +135,10 @@
     <para>When installing 32-bit libraries on 64-bit system, use
       <varname>USE_LDCONFIG32</varname> instead.</para>
-    <para>Try to keep shared library version numbers in the
-      <filename></filename> format.  Our runtime linker
-      only cares for the major (first) number.</para>
+    <para>If the software you are porting uses <link
+	linkend="using-autotools">autotools</link>, and specifically
+      <command>libtool</command>, you should add <link
+	linkend="uses-libtool"><literal>USES=libtool</literal></link>.</para>
     <para>When the major library version number increments in the
       update to the new port version, all other ports that link to
@@ -815,16 +826,21 @@ CMAKE_SOURCE_PATH=	${WRKSRC}/subp
       <para>If your port requires <literal>gettext</literal>, set
 	<literal>USES= gettext</literal>, and your port will inherit
-	a dependency on
+	a dependency on <filename></filename> from
 	<package role="port">devel/gettext</package>.  Other
 	values for <literal>gettext</literal> usage are listed in
-	<xref linkend="uses-values"/>.</para>
+	<link
+	  linkend="uses-gettext"><literal>USES=gettext</literal></link>.</para>
       <para>A rather common case is a port using
 	<literal>gettext</literal> and <command>configure</command>.
 	Generally, GNU <command>configure</command> should be able
-	to locate <literal>gettext</literal> automatically.  If it
-	ever fails to, hints at the location of
+	to locate <literal>gettext</literal> automatically.</para>
+      <programlisting>USES=	gettext
+GNU_CONFIGURE=	yes</programlisting>
+      <para>If it ever fails to, hints at the location of
 	<literal>gettext</literal> can be passed in
 	<envar>CPPFLAGS</envar> and <envar>LDFLAGS</envar> as
@@ -834,12 +850,6 @@ CPPFLAGS+=	-I${LOCALBASE}/include
 GNU_CONFIGURE=	yes</programlisting>
-      <para>Of course, the code can be more compact if there are no
-	more flags to pass to <command>configure</command>:</para>
-      <programlisting>USES=	gettext
-GNU_CONFIGURE=	yes</programlisting>
@@ -855,6 +865,20 @@ GNU_CONFIGURE=	yes</programlisting>
       <programlisting>GNU_CONFIGURE=		yes
+NLS_USES=		gettext
+.include <></programlisting>
+      <para>Or using the older way of using options:</para>
+      <programlisting>GNU_CONFIGURE=		yes
 .include <>

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