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  - Include a paragraph on project sponsors in the quarterly status reports


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@@ -84,6 +84,18 @@ Yoyodyne's range Frobnicator of network 
     be ready for wider use, for testing, for deployment in production,
     and so on)?</p>
+  <h2>Sponsorship</h2>
+  <p><em>Do not forget about your sponsors.</em></p>
+  <p>If you or your project has received sponsorship, a scholarship from
+    somebody or you have been already working as a contractor or an
+    employee for a company, please include it.  Sponsors always
+    certainly appreciate if you thank them for their funding, but it is
+    also beneficial for them to show that they are actively supporting
+    the Project this way.  Last, but not least, this helps &os; to learn
+    more about its important consumers.</p>
   <h2>Open Items</h2>
   <p><em>If help is needed, make this explicit!</em></p>

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