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On Wed, 12 Feb 2014, Dru Lavigne wrote:

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> +      <para>Multiple deltas can be applied at one time as they
> +	will be processed one at a time and any deltas that are already
> +	applied will be ignored.  <application>CTM</application> understands deltas which
> +	have been put through <command>gzip</command>, which saves disk
> 	space.</para>

"can be applied at one time" doesn't match with "one at a time"; I think 
"can be applied with a single command" is more likely to be correct (but I 
don't use CTM, so who knows!).

"which have been put through gzip" is a strange phrasing; "which have been 
compressed using gzip" should be better.

> +      <para>To
> +	verify a delta without applying it, include <option>-c</option>.

I think this would be "include -c in the command line" or "add -c".

> +	<application>CTM</application> will not actually touch

s/touch/modify/ ?

> +	the local tree but will instead verify the integrity of the delta
> +	to see if it would apply cleanly.  Refer to &man.ctm.1; for
> +	more information about available switches and an overview of

I sort of have the impression that we're moving away from using "switch" 
to describe options to utilities (and that "option" would be better), but 
don't have a citation.

> +      <para>Once applied, it is recommended to not delete the deltas if it is a burden to download
> +	them again.  This way, a local copy is available in case
> +	something bad happens.</para>

"something bad happens" is a bit informal; maybe "they are needed for 
future disaster recovery" or something similar.

> +	<listitem>
> +	<para>To backup all of the files that
> +	  would be changed by a <application>CTM</application>
> +	  update, specify <option>-B backup-file</option>.  This option

<replacable> ?


> +	  tells <application>CTM</application> to backup all files
> +	  touched by the applied
> 	  <application>CTM</application> delta to
> 	  <filename>backup-file</filename>.</para>

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