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>     </indexterm>
>     <para><application>CTM</application> is a method for keeping a
> -      remote directory tree in sync with a central one.  It has been
> -      developed for usage with &os;'s source trees, though other
> -      people may find it useful for other purposes as time goes by.
> -      Little, if any, documentation currently exists at this time on
> -      the process of creating deltas, so contact the
> -      &; mailing list for more information and if you
> -      wish to use <application>CTM</application> for other
> -      things.</para>
> +      remote directory tree in sync with a central one.  It is built into &os;
> +      and can be used to synchronize a system with &os;'s source repositories.
> +      It supports synchronization of an entire repository or just the specified branches.</para>

"just the specified branches" is strange with no prior mention of 
specifying branches.  I don't have a great alternative offhand, but 
something like "just a specified subset of branches" or similar would be 

> +      <para><application>CTM</application> is specifically designed for use on
> +	lousy or non-existent TCP/IP connections.  It provides the ability
> +	for changes to be automatically sent by email.  It requires the user
> +	to obtain up to three deltas per day for the most active
> +	branches.  Update sizes are always kept as
> +	small as possible and are typically less than 5K.  About one in very ten
> +	update is 10-50K in size and rarely there will be an update
> +	larger than 100K+.</para>

Lots of short, declarative sentences in this paragraph, which is 
potentially suboptimal.  Might be better as an itemized list, actually.

> +      for other purposes.  Contact the
> +      &; mailing list for questions on using
> +      <application>CTM</application>.</para>

Er, I would hope that ctm-users would be able to provide answers, not 
questions :)
(maybe s/for/with/?)

> +      <para><acronym>FTP</acronym> deltas can be obtained from the following mirror sites.
> +	Download the relevant directory and read its
> +	<filename>README</filename>.  When using anonymous <acronym>FTP</acronym> to obtain <application>CTM</application> deltas,
> +	select a geographically close mirror.

Something about "geographically close mirror" is sounding funny to me, 
though I can't place why.  "selecting a mirror that is geographically 
nearby" changes things a bit but is maybe better.

> +	In case of problems, contact the &;
> +	mailing list.</para>
> +	&; supports the entire source tree,
> +	&; supports the HEAD of the development
> +	branch, and  &; supports the 9.X release branch.</para>

"the HEAD of the development branch" seems odd (with that capitalization).
I would have expected "the HEAD development branch" (which really goes 
back to the CVS days), "the <markup>head</markup> development branch" 
(using svn's lowercase), "the tip of the development branch", or something 
like that.

> +	<para>Regardless of the method which is used to get deltas,
> +	  <application>CTM</application> users should subscribe
> +	  to the &; mailing list as
> +	  this is the only place where announcements concerning
> +	  the operation of the <application>CTM</application> system
> +	  are posted.</para>

Nitpicking: a mailing list is not really a place where things are posted; 
maybe "mechanism by which announcements are posted"


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