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Mon Feb 10 17:29:57 UTC 2014

Author: wblock
Date: Mon Feb 10 17:29:56 2014
New Revision: 43863

  Add a tip to the Vendor Imports with SVN section showing how to deal
  with vendor merges for packages which were in the tree before the
  cvs2svn conversion.
  Submitted by:	gshapiro@
  Reviewed by:	gshapiro@


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml	Mon Feb 10 16:16:59 2014	(r43862)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml	Mon Feb 10 17:29:56 2014	(r43863)
@@ -1826,6 +1826,29 @@ U    stable/9/share/man/man4/netmap.4
 	    Subversion that it should not complain because merge
 	    conflicts will be taken care of manually.</para>
+	  <tip xml:id="svn-advanced-use-vendor-imports-pre-svn">
+	    <para>The <command>cvs2svn</command> changeover occurred
+	      on June 3, 2008.  When performing vendor merges for
+	      packages which were already present and converted by the
+	      <command>cvs2vn</command> process, the command used to
+	      merge
+	      <filename>/vendor/<replaceable>package_name</replaceable>/dist</filename>
+	      to
+	      <filename>/head/<replaceable>package_location</replaceable></filename>
+	      (for example,
+	      <filename>head/contrib/sendmail</filename>) must use
+	      <option>-c <replaceable>REV</replaceable></option> to
+	      indicate the revision to merge from the
+	      <filename>/vendor</filename> tree.  For example:</para>
+	    <screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>svn checkout svn+ssh://<replaceable>sendmail</replaceable></userinput>
+&prompt.user; <userinput>cd sendmail</userinput>
+&prompt.user; <userinput>svn merge -c r<replaceable>261190</replaceable> ^/vendor/<replaceable>sendmail/dist</replaceable> .</userinput></screen>
+	    <para><literal>^</literal> is an alias for the the
+	      repository path.</para>
+	  </tip>
 	  <para>It is necessary to resolve any merge conflicts.
 	    This process is the same in <acronym>SVN</acronym> as in

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