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Mon Dec 8 00:16:33 UTC 2014

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bc> Author: bcr
bc> Date: Sat Dec  6 18:14:32 2014
bc> New Revision: 46067
bc> URL:
bc> Log:
bc>   Remove programlistings that are inside other elements and replace them
bc>   based on the context they appear in with <screen><userinput> tags.
bc>   Also, remove three separate screen tags that belong together and
bc>   wrap them into one.  The output is not changed by these changes.
bc>   Obtained from:	    igor(1) output and rereading the FDP primer

 <programlisting> looks correct to me for these instances because they
 are lines of rc.conf.  What context and which part of FDP primer are
 you thinking of to differentiate one from another?

-- Hiroki
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