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Author: jgh
Date: Wed Dec  3 23:22:19 2014
New Revision: 46063

  - address issue of using send-pr to submit bugs
  - add link for using bugzilla for reporting bugs
  - drop committers mailing list and point users to community mailing lists
  PR:		195432
  Differential Revision:
  Reported by:	kim.grasman at
  Reviewed by:	remko, wblock (mentors)
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 	<secondary>large sites running &os;</secondary>
-      <para>&os;'s advanced features, proven security, and predictable
-	release cycle, as well as its permissive license have lead to
-	its use as a platform for building many commericial and open
-	source appliances, devices, and products, including those from
-	many of the world's largest IT companies:</para>
+      <para>&os;'s advanced features, proven security, predictable
+	release cycle, and permissive license have led to its use as a
+	platform for building many commercial and open source appliances,
+	devices, and products.  Many of the world's largest IT
+	companies use &os;:</para>
@@ -1145,10 +1145,14 @@
 	      from the source control <command>commit</command>
 	      command, which is used to bring new changes into the
 	      repository).  The best way of making submissions for
-	      review by the committers list is to use the
-	      &man.send-pr.1; command.  If something appears to be
-	      jammed in the system, then you may also reach them by
-	      sending mail to the &a.committers;.</para>
+	      review is to use the &man.send-pr.1; command, which is
+	      included in releases prior to &os; 10.1, or submit
+	      issues using the <link
+		xlink:href="">problem
+		report form</link>.  If a problem report has not
+	      received any attention, please engage the <link
+		xlink:href="&url.base;community/mailinglists.html">community
+		mailing lists</link>.</para>

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