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     <para>The &os; Ports Collection provides several utilities for
       burning and duplicating audio and data <acronym>CD</acronym>s.
-      Which tool to use to burn a <acronym>CD</acronym> depends
-      on whether the <acronym>CD</acronym> burner is an
-      <acronym>ATAPI</acronym>, <acronym>SCSI</acronym>, or
-      <acronym>USB</acronym> device.  This chapter demonstrates the
+      This chapter demonstrates the
       use of several command line utilities.  For
-      <acronym>CD</acronym> burning software with a graphical,
+      <acronym>CD</acronym> burning software with a graphical utility,
       consider installing the <package>sysutils/xcdroast</package> or
       <package>sysutils/k3b</package> packages or ports.</para>

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