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       March 2014.  This is the first of four reports planned for
-    <!-- XXX: Add introduction -->
+    <p>The first quarter of 2014 was, again, a hectic and
+      productive time for &os;.  The Ports team released their
+      landmark first quarterly <q>stable</q> branch.  &os; continues
+      to grow on the ARM architecture, now running on an ARM-based
+      ChromeBook. SMP is now possible on multi-core ARM systems.
+      bhyve, the native &os; hypervisor, continues to improve.  An
+      integral test suite is taking shape, and the Jenkins Continuous
+      Integration system has been implemented.  &os; patches to GCC
+      are being <q>forward-ported</q>, and LLDB, the Clang/LLVM
+      debugger is being ported. Desktop use has also seen
+      improvements, with work on Gnome, KDE, Xfce, KMS video drivers,
+, and <tt>vt</tt>, the new console driver which supports
+      KMS and Unicode.  Linux and Wine binary compatibility layers
+      have been improved.  UEFI booting support has been merged to
+      head. The &os; Foundation continues to assist in moving &os;
+      forward, sponsoring conferences and meetings and numerous
+      development projects.  And these are only some of the things
+      that happened! Read on for even more.</p>
     <!-- XXX: Keep the number of entries updated -->

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