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 	chapter consists of approximately 16,000 words covering all
 	subcommands of the <tt>zpool(8)</tt> and <tt>zfs(8)</tt>
 	utilities, delegation, tuning and a section devoted to
-	defintions and explainations of the terms and features of
+	definitions and explanations of the terms and features of
       <p>The remaining section is the FAQ.  To help users address the
@@ -1979,7 +1979,7 @@ device vt_efifb</pre>
       <p>Gustau Perez has stepped up and put together a port set in
-	the <q>ports-experimental</q> tree of our developement
+	the <q>ports-experimental</q> tree of our development
 	repository with GNOME 3.12.  It was decided to polish GNOME
 	3.12.  It will be merged when the preparation work has
 	(mostly) finished, and we are happy with the stability of

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