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  Add sentence regarding recursive difference between scp and cp.
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@@ -2538,7 +2538,10 @@ COPYRIGHT            100% |*************
 	first argument and the destination to copy to is the second.
 	Since the file is fetched over the network, one or more of the
 	file arguments takes the form
-	<option>user at host:<path_to_remote_file></option>.</para>
+	<option>user at host:<path_to_remote_file></option>.  Be
+	aware when copying directories recursively that
+	<command>scp</command> uses <option>-r</option>, whereas
+	<command>cp</command> uses <option>-R</option>.</para>
       <para>To open an interactive session for copying files, use
 	<command>sftp</command>.  Refer to &man.sftp.1; for a list of

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