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Dru Lavigne dru at
Tue Apr 8 15:50:22 UTC 2014

Author: dru
Date: Tue Apr  8 15:50:21 2014
New Revision: 44488

  Fix a grammo and a missing acronym tag.
  Sponsored by:	iXsystems


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/disks/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/disks/chapter.xml	Tue Apr  8 15:48:46 2014	(r44487)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/disks/chapter.xml	Tue Apr  8 15:50:21 2014	(r44488)
@@ -3569,7 +3569,7 @@ Device          1K-blocks     Used    Av
 	The nodes will be called <literal>hasta</literal>, with an
 	<acronym>IP</acronym> address of
 	<literal></literal>, and <literal>hastb</literal>,
-	with an <acronym>IP</acronym> of address
+	with an <acronym>IP</acronym> address of
 	<literal></literal>.  Both nodes will have a
 	dedicated hard drive <filename>/dev/ad6</filename> of the same
 	size for <acronym>HAST</acronym> operation.  The
@@ -3614,7 +3614,8 @@ Device          1K-blocks     Used    Av
 &prompt.root; <userinput>service hastd onestart</userinput></screen>
-	<para>It is <emphasis>not</emphasis> possible to use GEOM
+	<para>It is <emphasis>not</emphasis> possible to use
+	  <acronym>GEOM</acronym>
 	  providers with an existing file system or to convert an
 	  existing storage to a <acronym>HAST</acronym>-managed pool.
 	  This procedure needs to store some metadata on the provider

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