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  - Add 2014Q1 status report the GNOME ports
  Submitted by:	kwm


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     <!-- XXX: Keep the number of entries updated -->
     <p>Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work!  This report
-      contains 30 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.</p>
+      contains 31 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.</p>
     <p>The deadline for submissions covering between April and
       June 2014 is July 7th, 2014.</p>
@@ -1898,4 +1898,76 @@ device vt_efifb</pre>
 	and receiving data, network scanning and so on.</task>
+  <project cat='ports'>
+    <title>GNOME/&os;</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>
+	  <given>&os; GNOME Team</given>
+	</name>
+	<email>gnome at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <links>
+      <url href="">GNOME &os; page</url>
+      <url href="">JHbuild info and results</url>
+      <url href="">MATE staging repository (might break)</url>
+      <url href="">GNOME staging repository (might break)</url>
+    </links>
+    <body>
+      <p>GNOME is a desktop environment and graphical user interface
+	that runs on top of a computer operating system.  GNOME is part
+	of the GNU Project and can be used with various Unix-like
+	operating systems, including &os;.</p>
+      <p>Preperations for merging GNOME 3 are moving forward.  The
+	work on the documentation is falling behind a bit, but we got
+	some solid feedback on the rough work to keep this moving
+	forward as well.  In the meantime, deprecation of ports that
+	need the old GNOME 2 desktop ports has begun.  These ports
+	will break when the GNOME desktop components are updated to the
+	GNOME 3 version.</p>
+      <p>Thanks to a combined effort by Ryan Lortie (GNOME developer),
+	Ting-Wei Lan (upstream contributor), and &a.kwm;, we now have a
+	&os;-powered JHbuild tinderbox.  JHbuild is a build system that
+	lets building GNOME upstream code.  It will attempt twice a day
+	to build gnome components from a specific branch, which is the
+	git master branch most of the time, in order to catch compile
+	issues.  A positive side effect of this is that it lets upstream
+	know GNOME still lives on other systems than Linux.  It also
+	exposes the GNOME code base to the Clang compiler and
+	<tt>libc++</tt>.  Since the start of this project over a hundred
+	issues have been fixed.</p>
+      <p>Gustau Perez has stepped up and put together a port set in the
+	<q>ports-experimental</q> tree of our developement repository
+	with GNOME 3.12.  It was decided to polish GNOME 3.12.  It will
+	be merged when the preparation work has (mostly) finished, and
+	we are happy with the stability of GNOME 3.12.</p>
+      <p>Gustau Perez also ported Cinnamon 2.0 to &os;.  It will appear
+	in the Ports Collection after GNOME 3 has been merged.</p>
+      <p>MATE 1.8 was released at the beginning of April, Eric Turgeon
+	of GhostBSD is volunteered to do that update for &os;.  Note
+	that this update is still based on GTK+, version 2.  The
+	GTK+ 3-based MATE is on the roadmap for 1.10.</p>
+    </body>
+    <help>
+      <task>Finish the work needed to be done before GNOME 3 can be
+	merged at all.  Documentation work, port deprecation, and so
+	on.</task>
+      <task>Finish porting of MATE 1.8.</task>
+      <task>Update Cairo to 1.12 in coordination with the Graphics
+	Team.</task>
+    </help>
+  </project>

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