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  - Add 2014Q1 status report for the FreeBSD Foundation
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     <!-- XXX: Keep the number of entries updated -->
     <p>Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work!  This report
-      contains 26 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.</p>
+      contains 27 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.</p>
     <p>The deadline for submissions covering between April and
       June 2014 is July 7th, 2014.</p>
@@ -66,6 +66,12 @@
+  <category>
+    <name>misc</name>
+    <description>Miscellaneous</description>
+  </category>
   <project cat='ports'>
@@ -1609,4 +1615,111 @@ device vt_efifb</pre>
     <sponsor>Microsemi, Inc.</sponsor>
     <sponsor>Semihalf sp.j</sponsor>
+  <project cat='misc'>
+    <title>The &os; Foundation</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>
+	  <given>Deb</given>
+	  <common>Goodkin</common>
+	</name>
+	<email>deb at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <links>
+      <url href=""/>
+      <url href="">&os; Journal</url>
+    </links>
+    <body>
+      <p>The &os; Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
+	dedicated to supporting and promoting the &os; Project and
+	community worldwide.  Most of the funding is used to support
+	&os; development projects, conferences and developer summits,
+	purchase equipment to grow and improve the &os; infrastructure,
+	and provide legal support for the Project.</p>
+      <p>We published the first issue of the &os; Journal, our new on-line
+	&os; magazine. The positive feedback from both the &os; and
+	outside communities has been incredible. This quarter we began work
+	on articles and promotion for the second issue.  We also started working
+	on a dynamic version of the magazine that can be read in many web
+	browsers including those that run on &os;.</p>
+      <p>This year we are earmarking more funding towards &os; advocacy
+	and education.  You will see more literature, white papers,
+	articles, and so on to help promote &os;.</p>
+      <p>The Foundation held a board meeting in Berkeley, California, in
+	January.  We discussed longer term strategy and planning for the
+	year.  We put together our 2014 budget with a plan of raising at
+	least $1,000,000 and spending $900,000.</p>
+      <p>Two Foundation funded projects were completed.  The first,
+	co-sponsored by Google, integrated the Casper daemon into &os;.
+	The second was <tt>auditdistd(8)</tt> improvements for the &os;
+	cluster.</p>
+      <p>Work continued on the following Foundation-sponsored projects:
+	Intel graphics driver update by &a.kib;, UEFI boot support for
+	<tt>amd64</tt> by &a.emaste;, autofs automounter and in-kernel
+	iSCSI stack enhancements, bug fixes by &a.trasz;, updated
+	<tt>vt(4)</tt> system console by &a.ray;.  A more detailed
+	project update for each of the above projects can be found
+	within this quarterly status report.</p>
+      <p>We were a Gold Sponsor for NYCBSDCon 2014 in New York,
+	February 8, which was attended by sSeveral board members.  We
+	were represented at SCALE in Los Angeles, February 22-23, and
+	ICANN in Singapore, March 22-25.</p>
+      <p>We were a sponsor for AsiaBSDCon in Tokyo, March 15-16.  Board
+	member &a.hrs; was the conference organizer.  Board members
+	&a.mckusick; and &a.gnn; taught tutorials and Kirk gave a
+	keynote.  Board member &a.dru; manned the foundation table and
+	spoke at one of the sessions.</p>
+      <p>We became a Gold+ sponsor for BSDCan 2014, May 16-17 and
+	have started reaching out to vendors to attend the developer
+	summit that runs in the two days before BSDCan.</p>
+      <p>Board members George, Kirk, and &a.rwatson; pushed to finish
+	the final draft of the next edition of their book <q>The Design
+	and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System</q>.</p>
+      <p>ITWire editor Sam Varghese published an interview with Kirk and
+	Foundation technical manager &a.emaste; about the status of
+	secure boot on &os;.</p>
+      <p>The &os; Logo is now officially a registered trademark to
+	represent the &os; operating system.  We are working to expand the
+	registration beyond just the &os; operating system, but
+	currently still have to use the <q>TM</q> symbol when using it
+	on apparel and other non-operating-system items.  We continued
+	reviewing requests and granting permission to use &os;
+	trademarks.</p>
+      <p>After finishing the 10.0-RELEASE, Foundation system
+	administrator and release engineer &a.gjb; began work on adding
+	support for &os;/arm image builds as part of the release build
+	process.  As result of this work, &os;/arm images are produced
+	as part of the weekly development snapshot builds, and available
+	from any of the &os; FTP mirrors.  Supported kernel
+	configurations currently include <tt>BEAGLEBONE</tt>,
+	<tt>RPI-B</tt>, <tt>PANDABOARD</tt>, <tt>WANDBOARD-QUAD</tt>,
+	and <tt>ZEDBOARD</tt>.</p>
+      <p>George visited six large &os; users in the Bay Area in
+	February.  These meetings are conducted to help facilitate
+	collaboration between &os; customers and the &os; Project.  It
+	is an opportunity to exchange information on what the customers
+	are doing and what is being worked on in the Project.  It is
+	also an opportunity to try to connect customers with the
+	appropriate &os; developers who may be working on areas of &os;
+	that interest these customers.</p>
+    </body>
+  </project>

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