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 	originally targeted at embedded and real-time systems.  The
 	number of Ada ports in the collection has grown significantly
 	since the last report six months ago.  There are almost 50
-	Ada-related ports now, with new ones getting added the time.</p>
+	Ada-related ports now, with new ones getting added all the time.</p>
       <p>The previous plan was to move from the GCC 4.7-based GNAT
 	compiler to a GCC 4.8-based one, but finally GCC 4.8 was skipped
@@ -299,13 +299,13 @@
 	fully supports the new ISO standard, Ada 2012.  Moving to a
 	newer compiler allowed several important ports like PolyOrb and
 	GPRBuild to be upgraded to the latest available versions.  In
-	fact, almost every Ada port is currrently at its most recent
+	fact, almost every Ada port is currently at its most recent
 	upstream version.</p>
       <p>For non-Windows-based Ada development, &os; and DragonFly are
 	now undisputed as the go-to platforms.  The other candidates are
 	Debian and Fedora, but there are few Ada software on those
-	platforms that are not also in &os; ports tree, but the versions are
+	platforms that are not also in the &os; ports tree, but the versions are
 	much older.  The Ports Collection also features software not found
 	anywhere else such as the USAFA's Ironsides DNS server,
 	libsparkcrypto, matreshka, GNATDroid (Android cross-compiler) and
@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@
 	greatly increasing performance of performing I/O from a VM.</p>
       <p>There are two parts to this project.  The first is implementing
-	an API in the PCI subsystem for the creating VFs and configuring
+	an API in the PCI subsystem for creating VFs and configuring
 	standard PCI features like BARs.  The second part is updating
 	individual drivers for PCI devices that support SR-IOV to
 	configure their VFs.  For example, a network interface driver
@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@
 	  incorporated into the new test suite.  As of this writing,
 	  there are 509 test cases continuously running.</li>
-	<li>The testing infrastructure in <tt>stable/10</tt> branch has
+	<li>The testing infrastructure in the <tt>stable/10</tt> branch has
 	  been synced to <tt>head</tt>.  It should now be possible to
 	  seamlessly MFC changes to the stable branch along with their
 	  tests, if any.</li>

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