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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Wed Nov 13 08:44:49 UTC 2013

Gábor Kövesdán <gabor at> wrote
  in <528334CA.7070801 at>:

ga> On 2013.11.13. 7:10, Hiroki Sato wrote:
ga> > Author: hrs
ga> > Date: Wed Nov 13 06:10:37 2013
ga> > New Revision: 43181
ga> > URL:
ga> >
ga> > Log:
ga> >    - Use /usr/bin/svnlite as SVN if available.
ga> >    - Replace/XML/{doc,www}/ with/XML/  in SysId.
ga> >    - Remove empty stylesheets in share/xsl and point share/xml/empty.xsl
ga> >    - via
ga> >      XML catalog instead.
ga> >    - Change the L10N layer in freebsd-*.xsl not to use localized XSLT
ga> >      stylesheets directly.
ga> >    - Move share/xsl/* to share/xml and remove share/xsl.
ga> >    - Remove obsolete share/web2c/pdftex.def.
ga> Thanks for the improvements! But why removing the share/xsl directory?
ga> Personally, I liked the separation of the stylesheets. The share/xml
ga> directories have been like big melting pots: they have XML databases,
ga> DTDs, entity sets, common includes and now XSLT stylesheets as well.

 Yes, I can understand your concern and honestly I am still wondering
 which is better for the same reason.  The reason was to avoid catalog
 reference for upper levels of the directory (it works but confusing).
 I think share/xml can be simplified more, and the separation can be
 revisited after reducing the number of files there.

-- Hiroki
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