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@@ -27,6 +27,6 @@ DATA+=	2013-freebsd-gsoc.pdf
 INDEXLINK= projects.html
-SUBDIR=	 acpi busdma c99 ideas mips bigdisk netperf
+SUBDIR=	 acpi busdma c99 ideas mips netperf
 .include "${DOC_PREFIX}/share/mk/"

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@@ -146,10 +146,6 @@ make a fully functional client with all 
 Other planned and implemented things are all the normal management
 tools and a server.</li>
-<li><a name="bigdisk" href="&base;/projects/bigdisk/index.html">Big Disk</a>:
-The goal of the <em>Large data storage in FreeBSD</em> project is to make
-FreeBSD ready for multi-terabyte drive/volume capacities and file systems.</li>
 <li><a name="coda" href="">Coda</a>:
 A distributed filesystem.  Among its features are disconnected
 operation, good security model, server replication and persistent

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