svn commit: r42051 - head/share/xsl

Simon L. B. Nielsen simon at
Tue Jun 25 22:21:57 UTC 2013

Author: simon
Date: Tue Jun 25 22:21:57 2013
New Revision: 42051

  Point people at our prebuilt docs over HTTP instead of FTP.
  FTP is just a painful protocol especially when there is a firewall
  around, and all mirrors making up support HTTP.


Modified: head/share/xsl/freebsd-xhtml-common.xsl
--- head/share/xsl/freebsd-xhtml-common.xsl	Tue Jun 25 19:03:29 2013	(r42050)
+++ head/share/xsl/freebsd-xhtml-common.xsl	Tue Jun 25 22:21:57 2013	(r42051)
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
   <xsl:template name="user.footer.navigation">
     <p align="center"><small>This, and other documents, can be downloaded
-    from <a href=""></a></small></p>
+    from <a href=""></a></small></p>
     <p align="center"><small>For questions about FreeBSD, read the
     <a href="">documentation</a> before

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