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  The how to help instructions have been wrong for years and have many dead links.  Remove them.


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     <body class="navinclude.developers">
 <p><b>I want to</b>:</p>
-<br/>...<a href="#code">work on the port itself</a>
 <br/>...<a href="#testing">help testing</a>
 <br/>...<a href="#bug">report a bug</a>
 <br/>...<a href="#documentation">write documentation</a>
-<a name="code"></a>
-<p><b><font color="#660000">So you want to help, do you?</font></b></p>
-<p>Working on the &jdk; port requires a firm grasp of C, the FreeBSD architecture, and a lot of time to spare.  The changes that need to be made in the code have to do with how FreeBSD differs from Solaris™, so if you don't know these, you will not go very far in the port.  We have
-had many people say they are willing to help, but when they see what is involved, they drop away.</p>
-<p>Having been dutifully warned, here is what you need to do to get involved:</p>
-<li><b>Obtain a license from Sun for the source code</b></li>
-<li><b>For JDK 1.1.x</b> You will need to obtain a "Non-Commercial License"  This is done at <a href=""></a></li>
-<li><b>For Java 2</b> You will need to agree to and sign the "Community Source License"  This is done at <a href=";$sessionid$">the Sun Download Center</a></li>
-<li><b>Download the source code</b></li>
-<li><b>For JDK 1.1.x</b> Instructions will be provided to you by Sun.</li>
-<li><b>For Java 2</b> You may download the source code from <a href=""></a></li>
-<li><b>Use Patches</b> Patches and build instructions may be downloaded from
-<a href=""></a>. Currently open
-issues and test results may be found at
-<a href=""></a>
-<li><b>Obtain source code "diffs"</b> Notify Nate Williams <a href="mailto:nate at">nate at</a> that you have the license and arrange to gain access to the CVS tree.
-<li><b>Begin hacking on the sources</b> Begin your porting. Jump right in and start digging.</li>
-<li><b>Let the world know you have finished it!</b></li>
 <a name="testing"></a>
 <p><b><font color="#660000">You want to help, but do not know C or FreeBSD <i>that</i> well?</font></b></p>
 <p>The absolute best thing you can do is download the <a href="dists/">latest release</a>, install it, and try all your favorite Java applications.  If they don't work, see below.</p>

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