svn commit: r42023 - head/share/mk

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Mon Jun 24 08:23:30 UTC 2013

Author: blackend
Date: Mon Jun 24 08:23:29 2013
New Revision: 42023

  Fix install-html-split target:
  With the current code running "make install" will build the files but
  will install only 2 files (docbook.css and tramemark.html).  Another
  "make install" is required to get the missing files.  This is not the
  expected behavior.  A quick workaround is to run "make && make
  install", but let's fix the code to get a working "make install".
  Discussed with:	gabor


Modified: head/share/mk/
--- head/share/mk/	Mon Jun 24 07:49:03 2013	(r42022)
+++ head/share/mk/	Mon Jun 24 08:23:29 2013	(r42023)
@@ -705,11 +705,7 @@ install-${_curformat}: ${DOC}.${_curform
 	@[ -d ${DESTDIR} ] || ${MKDIR} -p ${DESTDIR}
 .if ${_cf} == "html-split"
-.for f in ${_html_docs}
-.if exists(${f})
+	${INSTALL_DOCS} $$(${XARGS} < HTML.manifest) ${DESTDIR}

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