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Fri Jun 7 23:04:31 UTC 2013

Eitan Adler <eadler at> wrote
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ea> On 8 June 2013 00:47, Hiroki Sato <hrs at> wrote:
ea> > ea> >>  var dnt = window.navigator.msDoNotTrack || window.navigator.doNotTrack;
ea> > ea> >>  var allow_track = (dnt && dnt == 'yes'|| dnt == 1);
ea> > ea> >>
ea> > ea> >> -- Hiroki
ea> > ea> >>
ea> > ea> >
ea> > ea> > I was assuming based on the discussion that we need to perform
ea> > ea> > more than a single check on this, but will this one actually
ea> > ea> > work?
ea> > ea>
ea> > ea> No, after some thoughts I realized that this commit is completely
ea> > ea> broken.  We must explicitly check for "yes" and "1". This check
ea> > ea> basically disabled GA for newer browsers.
ea> >
ea> >  The above code should perform it.
ea> Sorry, I was unclear: the version as you explained (checking for
ea> existence followed by and explicit "1" or "yes") should be fine.
ea> >   What is "this check" in your
ea> >  sentence?
ea> The version as committed.

 Okay, thanks.  I agree that differences between DNT specification and
 actual implementations are annoying...

-- Hiroki
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