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gj> Author: gjb
gj> Date: Fri Jun  7 12:30:40 2013
gj> New Revision: 41851
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gj> Log:
gj>   Add announcement for 8.4-RELEASE.
gj>   Approved by:	re (implicit)

gj> +	<name>7</name>
gj> +
gj> +	<event>
gj> +	  <title>&os; 8.4-RELEASE Available</title>
gj> +
gj> +	  <p><a href="&enbase;/releases/8.4R/announce.html">&os; 
gj> +		8.4-RELEASE</a> is now available.  Please be sure to
gj> +	      check the <a
gj> +		href="&enbase;/releases/8.4R/relnotes.html">Release
gj> +	      Notes</a> (<a
gj> +		href="&enbase;/releases/8.4R/relnotes-detailed.html">detailed
gj> +	      version</a>) and <a

 Please do not create a direct link to relnotes-detailed.html.  It was
 carefully avoided so far because it does not include links to the
 other release document and there are many people who do not read

-- Hiroki
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