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Tom Rhodes trhodes at
Mon Jun 3 14:31:06 UTC 2013

On Mon, 03 Jun 2013 15:09:01 +0200
Gabor Kovesdan <gabor at> wrote:

> Em 03-06-2013 14:59, Dru Lavigne escreveu:
> >>> > >I hope we're syncing to ISBN branch?
> >> >
> >> >I shall let gjb work on this - he already said he is going
> >> >to be doing
> >> >the merge work.
> >> >
> >> >Personally, I think we did the ISBN branch wrongly, but I'll
> >> >leave
> >> >that to a different discussion.
> > I thought the concensus was to work in ISBN and gjb would merge those changes to HEAD? Many of the changes you are doing have already occurred in ISBN. We started the work in ISBN so that the doc slush would not slow down changes to the book.
> I agree that it was a good choice that time but the two-way merges add 
> quite much overhead. When the branch was created, we still didn't have a 
> real XML toolchain. But now we have it so DocBook profiling is possible. 
> In this way, we can work with a single source and mark up print-only and 
> online-only sections. We can also mark up version-specific text so there 
> is no need to maintain two different development lines.
> Gabor

This sounds really cool, I think we should have a discussion
on how to do this, if we want to do this, and how we could
go about using only one version.  Personally, I kind of like
a development version where we can make changes, discuss them,
fix them, as a team, and have them slowly merged into a version
that will appear on the web.  :)

Tom Rhodes

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