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  PartitionMagick is no longer being developed or sold.


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-      &tm-attrib.powerquest;

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@@ -367,13 +367,10 @@
 	want a graphical user interface.  If you intend to install a lot of
 	third-party software as well, then you will need more space.</para>
-      <para>You can use a commercial tool such as <application>&partitionmagic;</application>,
-	or a free tool such as <application>GParted</application>,
+      <para>You can use a tool such as <application>GParted</application>
 	to resize your partitions and make space for
-	&os;.  Both
-	<application>&partitionmagic;</application> and
-	<application>GParted</application> are known to work on
-	<acronym>NTFS</acronym>.  <application>GParted</application>
+	&os;.  <application>GParted</application> is known to work on
+	<acronym>NTFS</acronym> and
 	is available on a number of Live CD Linux distributions, such as
 	<ulink url="">SystemRescueCD</ulink>.</para>
@@ -426,8 +423,7 @@
-	    <para>Use one of the tools such as <application>&partitionmagic;</application>,
-	      described above, to shrink your &windows;
+	    <para>Use one of the tools described above to shrink your &windows;
@@ -1610,8 +1606,8 @@ Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0c
 	make, which could be the largest contiguous block of unallocated
 	space or the size of the entire hard disk.</para>
-      <para>If you have already made space for &os; (perhaps by using a
-	tool such as <application>&partitionmagic;</application>) then you can
+      <para>If you have already made space for &os;
+	then you can
 	press <keycap>C</keycap> to create a new slice.  Again, you will be
 	prompted for the size of slice you would like to create.</para>

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