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  BeOS is long dead
  Move some language into the present.


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@@ -944,9 +944,9 @@ no adaptors present</screen>
   <sect3 id="video-interface-SDL">
     <title>Simple Directmedia Layer</title>
-    <para>The Simple Directmedia Layer, SDL, was intended to be a
-      porting layer between &;, BeOS, and &unix;,
-      allowing cross-platform applications to be developed which made
+    <para>The Simple Directmedia Layer, SDL, is a
+      porting layer for many operating systems
+      allowing cross-platform applications to be developed which make
       efficient use of sound and graphics.  The SDL layer provides a
       low-level abstraction to the hardware which can sometimes be
       more efficient than the X11 interface.</para>

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