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Date: Mon Jul 22 21:23:03 2013
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  Shorten the quick start a little more by factoring out repeated references
  to the mailing list, make some corrections in wording and directories.


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@@ -137,23 +137,15 @@
     <title>Quick Start</title>
     <para>Some preparatory steps must be taken before editing the &os;
-      documentation.  New contributors will interact with other
-      members of the &os; Documentation Team, which can assist in
-      learning to use <acronym>XML</acronym> and the suggestions in
-      <xref linkend="writing-style-guide"/>.  If a new user
-      contributes regularly, a Documentation Team member may be
-      assigned as a mentor to guide the user through the process from
-      contributor to documentation committer.</para>
+      documentation.  First, subscribe to the &a.doc;.
+      Some team members also interact on the
+      <literal>#bsddocs</literal>
+      <acronym>IRC</acronym> channel on
+      <ulink url="">EFnet</ulink>.  These people
+      can help with questions or problems involving the documentation.</para>
-	<para>Subscribe to the &a.doc;.  Some mailing list members
-	  also interact on the <literal>#bsddocs</literal>
-	  <acronym>IRC</acronym> channel on <ulink
-	    url="">EFnet</ulink>.</para>
-      </step>
-      <step>
 	<para>Install the
 	  <filename role="package">textproc/docproj</filename>
 	  package or port.  This meta-port installs all of the
@@ -162,11 +154,10 @@
 	<para>Install a local working copy of the documentation
-	  from a mirror of the &os; repository (see
-	  <xref linkend="working-copy"/>) in
-	  <filename class="directory">~/doc</filename>.</para>
+	  from a mirror of the &os; repository in
+	  <filename class="directory">~/doc</filename> (see <xref linkend="working-copy"/>).</para>
-	<screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>svn checkout https://<replaceable></replaceable>/doc/head <replaceable>/usr/doc</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+	<screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>svn checkout https://<replaceable></replaceable>/doc/head <replaceable>~/doc</replaceable></userinput></screen>
@@ -194,12 +185,12 @@
 	<para>Update the local working copy:</para>
-	<screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>svn up ~/doc</userinput></screen>
+	<screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>svn up <replaceable>~/doc</replaceable></userinput></screen>
 	<para>Edit the documentation files that require changes.  If a
-	  file needs major changes, consult the &a.doc; for
+	  file needs major changes, consult the mailing list for
 	<para>References to tag and entity usage can be found in
@@ -214,9 +205,7 @@
 	<para>Review the output and edit the file to fix any problems
 	  shown, then rerun the command to find any remaining
-	  problems.  Repeat until all of the errors that are fixable
-	  are resolved.  If an error seems unsolvable, ask for
-	  assistance on the &a.doc;.</para>
+	  problems.  Repeat until all of the errors are resolved.</para>
@@ -225,7 +214,7 @@
 	  top-level directory of the documentation being edited will
 	  generate that documentation in split HTML format.  For
 	  example, to build the English version of the Handbook in
-	  <acronym>HTML</acronym>, type <command>make</command> in the
+	  <acronym>HTML</acronym>, run <command>make</command> in the

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